200 HR Yoga Alliance Training

This is an 8 month training program, One weekend per month for anyone interested in becoming a Yoga Teacher or just deepening their practice. You can take up to 2 Years to complete the program. Modules can be taken in any order will run continuously


Module 1: Foundations of Yoga, History and the 8 Limbs

Module 2: Branches and styles of Yoga, Sun Salutations
             “What Kind of Yoga Do You Do?”

Module 3: AAA Anatomy, Asana and Alignment

Module 4: Pranayama, Meditation and Mantra

Module 5: Chakras and Koshas

Module 6: Ayurveda, Yogic Nutrition, Yoga Sutras

Module 7: The Power of Sequencing and Adjustments
        Class Preparation

Module 8: Living Your Yoga, Stoking the Fire


Fridays 6:30pm – 9:30pm
Saturdays 1:00pm – 9:00pm
Sundays 10:00am – 6:00pm
1 hour writing assignment per module

The remaining 40 hours will consist of “field trips” to other classes and teachers, assisting at my classes and CEU workshops

Payment Plans:

One time fee: $2600

2 Payments of $1400 to be made within 90 days

$400 Per Workshop
CEU Credits will be given for existing teachers

All Workshops are prepaid.
Certification awarded upon completion of all Modules.

Meet and Greet for the YTT Program
Informational session with Mary Kay outlining the YTT program
Q&A at your convenience Contact Mary Kay at
mkyogini@me.com or
call (407) 625-6521

Please contact mkyogini@me.com for full details and to preregister for workshops and the Teacher Training








"If you're looking for a completely full and enriching Yoga Teacher training program than look no further. I promise you that you will walk away with so much more than a 200 hour certification. Never in my life have I felt so close to a group of people and to my higher self. This program brings great people together, all looking to deepen their life experience and their connection with yoga, and brings the best out in those people. The weekends are highly intensive and you gain much more than just a solid ability to teach poses. This program is very in depth, it will change you from being a yoga practitioner, to a centered yogi practicing yoga in your every day life. Getting into this program I was not sure what to expect, hoping to learn the basics so I could share what yoga has done for me with my fellow human beings, I've gained so much more. From learning proper alignment and safety to sanskrit and how to set up a class this program has it all. I know when I have completed this program I will not only be a strong teacher I will have a deep understanding of what yoga really is and how to share it and the peace that is cultivated through it with everyone around me."- Max Nuccio, YTT 2012

"When I decided to attend a Yoga Teacher Training program last year I started looking at different programs that were offered in the Orlando area. Looking for the whole package. I believe I found it in Inspiration Yoga with Mary Kay Berg. I knew I would learn more then poses but in just three weekends I feel like I have learned so much and cannot wait to keep learning. This Yoga Teacher Training has shown me the meaning of tapas, or burning zeal in practice. Mary Kay is the picture of tapas.  The knowledge and the experience that Mary Kay has has filled this teacher training to make it one of the most well rounded trainings registered with Yoga Alliance. You may think that you can learn all these techniques by do your own research. However, sharing this journey with 15 other liked minded people is one of the most beautiful and meaningful experiences I have had thus far. The bonds made in this teacher training are priceless. This is an all-inclusive training with the knowledge, guest speakers, and time to practice teaching, learning from everyone and teaching everyone. We are all teachers and students in a giving, loving, nonjudgmental and beautiful environment. I feel honored and bless to be apart of the teacher training for my self-knowledge and the other yogis I am sharing the journey with." -Dani Granley, YTT 2012

"Since joining Mary Kay Berg's inaugural Yoga Teacher Training I have been extremely impressed. The weekend modules have been thoughtfully organized and all the necessary material has been presented in a format that incorporates book learning, hands on practice and simulation as well as real life examples and stories. Having been exposed to wonderful Master Teachers through a variety of Yoga Workshops and Conferences I can tell you that Mary Kay is a fantastic teacher both on and off the mat. Her experience and teaching style exhibit a wealth of knowledge and love for Yoga. And her compassion, kindness, and generosity make her a wonderful ambassador for new teachers in training. I look forward to each module and all the knowledge, love and insight I know I will gain from attending! If you are considering a Teacher Training Program I can recommend this one to you without reservation or question. Your time spent with Mary Kay will make you a better Teacher as well as a better person!" -Jessica Locke, YTT 2012

Mary Kay is an extraordinary teacher with a comprehensive yoga teacher training curriculum. She is inspirational and encouraging in her passion for yoga, and it shows! I am proud to be her student, and eager to share her techniques and knowledge with others. Her program is life changing. -Cris Bryson, YTT 2012

Being a very busy mother of 4 young children whom I home school and a Realtor to boot, I was concerned as to how I could manage a Yoga Teacher Training course along with my already hectic schedule. The flexibility of Mary Kay's Yoga Teacher Training has allowed me the opportunity to work this invaluable course around my life. One weekend a month for 8 months,I can immerse myself completely in the world of yoga, learning with like minded yogi students who are all on the same path as me. The time in between the course weekends is ample to review and practise everything that we have just learned, and read the recommended books that are almost impossible to put down.... Mary Kay encourages you to look inwards,be honest and courageous.She will have you "open your mouth" and teach! Mary Kay is exceptionally knowledgable, energetic, compassionate and inspiring and I would highly recommend this course to any one wanting to teach yoga or deepen their practice.
-Sam Brightman, YTT 2012

"Mary Kay is a dedicated instructor who not only loves her craft, but also puts her whole heart and soul into her teaching. She is enthusiastic and motivating and inspires her students to find the best in themselves. Mary Kay custom designs her classes to deliver positive messaging through themed music selections, a great reinforcement to the yoga practice. She is a true credit to the art and science of yoga!" -Lydia Gilmore, YTT 2012

"I recommend this teacher training to anyone who is looking to learn more about yoga. If you want to be a teacher, this is the program for you. If you're looking to deepen your practice, this is the program for you. I came to this training not knowing what to expect. I had been practicing heavily for a few months and heard about it from a friend. I had never met with Mary Kay before, but I had heard wonderful things and had spoken with her on the phone. A few good vibes later and I was committed to going through with the training. I learned more about myself and the true nature of us all than I ever could have imagined. I learned about the importance of the breath, the love in devotion, the experience of bliss and the power of presence. I moved closer toward my purpose. I made life-long friends. I gained self-confidence. I let go of the problems of my past and my desperate hold on trying to control the future. Without the love, dedication and knowledge from Mary Kay in her comprehensive yet emotional training, I could not have found the peace with myself that I feel today. Mary Kay has a way of breaking you down, getting to what is holding you back and allowing you the space to let go. In this training, you will learn the postures. You will learn the stages of a class. You will learn sequencing, adjustments, the yamas and niyamas. But most importantly, you will learn how to use the tools that will set you free." -Brandi King YTT 2012









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