"I had the honor and privilege of having Mary Kay work with my high school dance team while in Florida for the National High School Dance Championships. We thought yoga would be a great way for our team to focus and relax prior to the competition. We were unsure as to how the session would go because the majority of our girls had never experienced yoga before. To say that Mary Kay ran a great session would be a far understatement! She had adapted an entire class specific to our team's needs and gone above and beyond what we had expected. Also, knowing that they were high school students, she adapted the music to be more in-tune with their likes. It was an amazing, mind-opening class that left our team focused, relaxed and inspired. Many of the girls had said that yoga was one of their best memories from Nationals! At Nationals, the Coaches give the team a "Team Bear" as a mascot for good luck. The bear goes with us everywhere at Nationals and is then awarded to a team member at our Year End Banquet. The team also names the bear while on the trip. The team decided to name this year's bear Mary Kay. They believed it was an easy choice and felt that Mary Kay had made such an impact on their Nationals journey. We hope to have Mary Kay back working with our team next year and every year from here on out! Thank you Mary Kay for your amazing work with our team!"
– Love your Northglenn High School Red Hot Poms Team and Coaches!

Every once in awhile you come across a truly gifted yoga teacher. Mary Kay is that and more. Her classes are consistently inspirational, physical, and spiritual... She incorporates both music and words to enhance one's practice. As a psychotherapist , I always suggest to my clients the benefits of yoga practice to compliment our work....I have referred Mary Kay on numerous occasions, and look forward to her classes for my personal well being, and balance.
– Randie Morillo LCSW

She is an amazing teacher and even a better human. She is caring. She will take the time to listen to anything and everything you ever have to say. She makes you feel special. Mary Kay has been my Yoga Guru for the past 18 months, each class has been different and each class has been challenging and rewarding. This is not any easy thing to do. She still checks my postures today, just like she did in our first class. I absolutely look forward and cherish my time with her. If, you are lucky to take her class you too will know.
– Simmi Chopra, Independant Business Owner, Avid Yoga Student

MaryKay’s passion for yoga is contagious. Her classes encompass yoga as a Whole, it's not just about the poses. MK has encouraged and influenced my yoga teacher training experience. Always generous sharing her vast knowledge, beautiful music and personal experiences. When leaving her classes, I feel renewed, relaxed yet energized and ready to handle whatever comes my way. I'm grateful to have her as a mentor and role model.
- Michelle Casas - Yoga Student, Windermere

I have been taking Yoga from Mary Kay for about a year now. It has helped me to go thru full cancer treatment and has changed my life. I especially love the themes that really make you think and experience the joys of life.
– A Professional Land Planner Marion I. Skilling & Associates Inc.

I began practicing yoga when I joined Gold's Gym in October of 2008. I was trying out all of the different classes that were being offered and nothing seemed to excite me. Until I attended Mary Kay Berg's yoga class. Since that day, I have attended every class she's taught at Gold's Gym and have also gone to a number of her private workshops that she puts together to enrich the lives of her friends and student
“Mary Kay is an inspiration to each and every person that she comes into contact with. She begins every class by walking around and embracing each and every one of her students individually, and I've noticed that she knows all of our names. Mary Kay also has a different theme for each of her classes, and she reminds us of that theme throughout the entire practice. Sometimes she starts class by reading us a short excerpt from a book that has touched her life, and other times she begins class by passing out a handout or two on some of the philosophies applicable to yoga such as an explanation of the Om symbol. In addition to discussing the theme of each class, Mary Kay uses music to match that theme; and she does a wonderful job blending all different genres of music into one playlist while keeping her theme evident through her choice of songs. Mary Kay takes pride in the classes she teaches, and I would have to guess that her favorite aspect of planning a class is choosing the music for it. She is also pleased to hear when certain songs touch the lifes of her students, and she has on a number of occasions been kind enough to burn me a CD of those particular songs. I am truly blessed to have had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know Mary Kay, and my life has changed significantly through yoga because of her. What Mary Kay teaches in class always seems to resonate in my mind for several days after I step off of the mat. Because of Mary Kay's teachings, I can honestly say without hesitation that I am finally at peace with my life. And I owe this all to Mary Kay Berg.

– Elizabeth Desmond
AP Calculus Teacher

I have know Mary Kay for many years taking yoga training and classes with numerous times. I have hired her and recommended her for several positions as she is a joy to manage and an inspiration to practice with. She exudes a passion for yoga that is hard to match and it shows in the way she lives her life and presents her practice!
– Cyndi Carrion
Group Exercise Director
Gold's Gym - Clermont

When you leave MK's class, not only have you experienced a great yoga class with an incredible knowledgeable, encouraging and caring teacher but also have been encouraged 'to dig deeper' to make the peaceful connection within.
– Lidwien Redelijk-Loonen, Windermere, FL attending MK's class at 0 Gravity.

I am currently a yoga instructor at several gyms and studios in the Orlando area and have had the opportunity to teach at one of the area gyms with Mary Kay. It has been wonderful and I always hear how much her students enjoy her class – the diversity, knowledge and depth in which she teaches. I have also had the chance to take several of the workshops and trainings Mary Kay has taught and feel very lucky to have had that opportunity. Whenever I get the e-mail, I become very excited and start planning to take part. I have learned and have absorbed so much– from detox workshops to the study of the Chakras. I am amazed at the knowledge she has – everything just comes so natural.
I look to Mary Kay as a mentor She is someone I look forward to growing with in my yoga journey.

– Holly Ruble, Yoga Teacher

"We really like your classes because of your focus on each student's needs--offering modifications for each pose or movement, reminding us to
notice how our bodies differ from day to day, or encouraging us to notice how our mind responds to challenges both inside and outside class. Your classes truly exemplify what yoga practice is all about! Thank you for helping us develop both physically as well as introspectively! You embody the skills and understanding of what it requires to be an excellent teacher.
– Ann - Tax Advisor, and Bob - Engineer


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